Spider Ads helps you test your value proposition in the market leveraging your ad dollars.

Built for the PPC pro. Easy enough for the CEO.

Spider Ads is built to help you get you value propositions to market with speed.

Strategic Messaging

Spider Ads allows teams to build specific strategies around macro-level persuasion goals. Testing ideas, making educated guesses, and trying to find the main source of what attracts users to click on your ads.

Taking strategy to tactics with a feedback loop is a core value of Spider Ads. Take it for a test run for free, today. Your business decisions will never be the same.

Control Copy

One of the most challenging aspects of ad copy is staying on message relative to Quality Score, user intent, and moving the needle. Spider Ads is here to help. Push nothing into the market that isn't approved ad copy. Build ad copy faster than you've ever built it with a tighter influence on each ad group.

The ability to take ideas and wrap them into testable nuggets will impact your entire team. Take the opinions of all and feed them back with data. Real data based on user intent. The opportunity is available inside your ad spend using the data you current pay for.

Export Ad Ready

Spider Ads is built around the speed. The free version allows you to download an upload ready file straight from the system. For pros, you'll want to invest in the paid plan where we allow you to upload directly into Google Ads® via API. You want fast, you want Spider Ads fast.

The upload and push to market while staying in strategy while deploying tactics is a value. The impact on your business happens with reports. We take your value propositions out of Google Ads® and then build a specific report with the Spider Score®.

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Spider Score Reporting

Get your Spider Score. Your Spider Score will show you which value propositions your customers care about most.

Report messaging value that your executive will understand. "Mr. CEO, users clicked on this value prop 5x more than this one. We then tested another value prop that was along the same user psychology and were able to repeat the success." - The Marketing Team

Spider Ads Core Features

Designed to help your team take strategy to tactics as quickly as possible.


We focus on building ads quickly.

User Friendly

UX/UI is easy to use. Reports are easy to understand.

Well Documented

We offer training videos and tips and tricks. Contact us if you need assistance.

Your Copy - Your Ads

Our system allows you to control every word of ad copy.

Upload Directly Via API

Upload directly to Google Ads® via API. Easiest workflow possible.

See Keyword Data

See the keywords next to the ad copy generator so you can integrate easily.

Cross Browser

App works with Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Test Value Propositions

Getting your value to text to market is important. Making sure customers respond is important. Spider Ads helps with all.

Easily customizable with great user interface.

Add your campaign and ad group data into the system. Use your approved value proposition statements. Create 1000's of ad variations, select, and upload to Google Ads.

  • Control Ad Copy
  • Create 1000's of Ad Variations
  • Select Preferred Ads
  • Upload Directly to Google Ads®

Keep the focus on the data, not the opinions in the room.

The data will speak for itself. If the strategy is organized in a way where tactical execution reflects back to the conference room, the data will offer contextualized insights. Spider Ads makes that process easier.

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